My friend Morny told me that it still is a holiday today. That was the memo passed in Ateneo, where he works. Being the vacation freak that I am, I immediately texted an officemate to confirm. Apparently, the memo is only for students. The rest of the civilization still has to go to work. Well, I can’t say I didn’t try.

The rain left its mark on the roads as major potholes. On the way back to Manila from Batangas City, I’ve bullseyed at least three big ones. Boom! There goes the wheel alignment! The guys from Goodyear and Zafra motors are probably making tons of money with all these potholes. I bet if they ran for office, they wouldn’t be the first ones to give the go signal for road construction and maintenance.

Talking about roads, do you know that they now charge P40.50 toll from Nichols to Canlubang? Wow! That was a real jump from the P7.50 in the 80’s. Hey! That’s fine with me. But with a fee as high as that, they should at least raise the standards of the not-so-expressway.

First, where are the goddam lights?! It’s only in the Philippines where there are no lights in a tollway. If someone’s car battery goes dead, that person is a goner. As Jaws Mamangon would say, these people are very prone to highway hold-up.

Second, implement the highway rules, especially the speed limit and the fast and slow lanes. I don’t see anyone being flagged down for being too fast or too slow, nor did I see a patrolcar pulling over a car with busted taillights.

C’mon! Admit it — don’t you feel cheated when you see road signs that read something like this: “Please report traffic violators. Call…” ‘Tangina nila! Why the hell should I do that for them if they’re not doing anything in the first place?

And with all these corruption in the government, I only see a faint ray of hope coming from Doc’s flying DeLorean in Back to the Future.

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