I woke up this morning from a bad dream. I dreamnt one of my officemates died. We visited his wake and I saw him inside his coffin, seemingly asleep. I texted him as soon as I got up from bed and told him to be extra careful in the following days.

There’s always time for everyone when they don’t feel like going to work. It was already nine o’ clock in the morning and I was still in bed. We should be in the office by ten but I was just too lazy to jump in the shower and get myself going. I was really tempted to call in sick. I even tried to recall what I have to do today and there was nothing really that urgent. But the angel won this time.

I’m getting excited with our week-long trip to Iloilo and Bacolod next week. Earlier this afternoon, I was already mentally planning on the things I’d bring in the trip and it seems I’ll be bringing in the big maleta again. I’ll be saving up my sweldo so I could get a taste of what these provinces offer! (wink! wink!)

The MESALA fever got me and I think I’ll be getting myself a new bike. There’s a used Intense Tracer in good condition with a Psylo SL Fork, Chris King headset, Thompson stem and seatpost, carbon fiber handlebar, Shimano XTR front and rear derailleurs, and a Race Face Next LP crankset.

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