Surprisingly, for a Monday, today was quite refreshing. Instead of the usual pants and polo to start the week, I wore shorts, a sportshirt, socks and rubber shoes. No need to drive all the way to the office. I just walked a good five minutes to Red Balloon Production in Prince David along Katipunan for a shoot. This made me think of having my own business near my home. Perhaps sometime soon.

I biked ten kilometers today. To any serious biker’s standards that is just a warm up. It’s different for me. In that short span of time, I realized how much I missed pedaling in the old University. I should do more of this.

Talking about bikes, Specialized released an new suspension design and I think it’s going to be hot. Dubbed The Epic, the new design claims to have found the Holy Grail of suspension – active suspension with zero loss in pedal input. Will they let go of the popular four-bar linkage design by Horst Leitner is a question left unanswered. Is this going to be another design that Giant, Intense, and other mid-sized bike companies will license is another. How will this fare with the Maverick suspension design by Rock Shox founder, Paul Turner?

I’ve seen the new Crank Brothers Egg Beater pedals and I have to say that it’s probably the most minimalistic pedal design I’ve ever seen. Though considerably cheaper than Time’s ATAC, P4,800 is still high price to pay for a mountain bike pedal. But if what they say is true, that these are the ultimate revelation in terms of clipless pedals, then I guess it’s worth it. Just make sure that you’ll use it in the trail and not just for posing in Quezon Memorial Circle on Sundays.

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