Today is Saturday. I just woke up a few minutes ago and read the new blogs of my friends.

My brother is watching the NBA wearing his Kobe Bryant jersey and no pants on. For some, this might sound really crazy but I guess things are better now with him. When he was a kid in Batangas, I remember him kneeling in front of the TV praying the rosary for the Anejo Rhum 65 basketball team. Talk about putting all your faith in God. I guess he’s more matured now. And he should be. He’s now an incoming sophomore at the Ateneo Law School in Rockwell. Now I realize I don’t want him to be my lawyer. I don’t want to see him fight for me in a courtroom holding a rosary and not wearing any pants.

It was Ish’s last day yesterday. I was supposed to talk to her about her work, but she already left. And so ends my saga with her.

Looking ahead, I’m getting two new OJT’s this coming semester and I’m hoping they’re not from Xavier University in Naga. Those kids travelled all the way to Manila just to bum around. They certainly have no initiative and have problems dealing with authority. I was so disappointed that I didn’t even think twice when I flunked the one assigned to me.

My mom’s getting her myoma operated on this Monday. It’s a simple procedure, but we’re just a bit worried because she’s diabetic. Her doctors said that they managed to stabilize her sugar level. I can sense her fear from her voice over the phone. My sister’s already there to take care of her. I told my mom everything’s going to be fine.

No more Mark now. From three, we now have one Jenny left. It’s sad to see people leave especially now when we’re starting to taste the fruits of our labor. I can understand the reasons why the there was an Exodus last year. Somehow it’s not that easy to understand now. And even though you wish these people luck in their new jobs, I can’t help but wish they’ll come back.

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