Olive‘s in Iligan for her first writer’s workshop. As part of her M.A. requirements, she submitted five of her poems to a writer’s workshop, and luckily she was accepted as a fellow. You can read some of her works at her site – poet + try. She told us that she’s actually thinking of not going, but I can see that she’s really excited with it. She had this list of things to do, and going to the beauty parlor was one of them. It’s great to see her back on her feet again.

We found it really weird watching Death to Smoochie with kids in the theater. Sorry to say this, but I think quite a number of these noveau rich parents, who bring their kids to Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall to watch a film that is anything but a kid’s movie, are stupid. Is there something wrong with their freakin’ minds that they gobble any movie with a purple-colored animal in it? I guess these are the same people who think Jesus Christ Superstar is a good show for the Holy Week.

I did nothing today. I just bummed around the house, watched TV and surfed the net. The househelp went for a date with her boyfriend so I ordered pizza and shared it with my dog, Zagu. We raided the fridge for some oatmeal cookie dough ice cream and had a blast watching the Monaco Grand Prix.

My family won’t be coming in until tomorrow from their Boracay spree. I’m seriously toying with the idea of getting an escort for the night, but then I’ve got no cash and I seriously doubt if I can swipe my credit card in her… never mind. (I wouldn’t know what I’d do if the transaction gets denied.)

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