It’s OK to dream, but remember to keep your feet planted on the ground. Just when I thought everything’s going my way, my lovey doves OJT brought along her boyfriend to the eyeball party last night. Welcome back to earth, Jovan.

The newly-ordained director wasn’t in last night’s event and everyone in the crew think that sucks. The managing director was there; why can’t he? I’m glad he trusts us and all, but it is still his event. His presence is enough support itself. As I’ve said before, a text message cannot replace a handshake or a pat in the back. This a lesson he needs to learn in dealing with people.

The eyeball’s over. Glad we have that now behind our backs. The fucking people at Hard Rock Cafe in Makati needs a new general manager if they want that restaurant to survive. After a number of pre-production meetings, where we settled all the requirements and layed out all our cards, he showed up last night and changed the whole damn agreement we did with his managers! What’s the point of hiring these managers, more so letting them discuss with us on doing an event, if their general manager himself wouldn’t honor their decision? Are these just glorified waiters and G.R.O.’s all in one? I pity them.

I’ll be meeting the company god on Monday at the 15th floor. He wants to chat, too. My bossing warned me in advance not to wear my Birkenstocks.

Got this picture from the e-mail and I am wondering what would it be like if they’re still in the company.

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