I’m getting a little bit concerned with Evil O. Every time I login to her blogs, it’s turning more and more into a doctor’s prescription journal. I really hope she holds on and learns to take things easy.

I found out that one of my TXTjocks has a webpage. It’s a little bit rough, but I have to give the guy some credit on experimenting on Flash.

I’m taking Chai to the Casa tomorrow morning for her 45,000-kilometer preventive maintenance check-up, tune-up and annual vehicle registration. I’m expecting to have my credit card maxed out after that.

They assigned me now as a full producer of the channel. Hmmm. I’m wondering. Isn’t that what I was doing in the first place? So how does a full producer differ from a regular one? And does that mean that if I’m a full producer that my peers are just partial producers? Are we making things up as we go along the way? Along with this, I have to swallow another news – I’m not getting any raise. Now I know this doesn’t sound right but I will have to say it anyway. For the same job, I think I’m getting less than what my counterparts are getting. There is some correction needed at this point.

As predicted, we are now a company run by OJT’s. Word is that we’re getting OJT’s from La Salle for Telco Relations, Wireless Development and Sales. I hope they get those cute ones to shed some light to my dying lovelife.

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