The boss asked me how am I. Boy, it’s been a while since we talked about it. He refreshed my memory when I was called to his office because I was about to resign. I think that was March of 2001.

That’s a good question. So how am I? Honestly. I haven’t attempted to answer that question until last night. It was hard. I have to admit I’m having fun with what I’m doing right now. Who would think that I’d be handling a channel at only 25?! I also have to admit that there were and there still are angsts. But in the end, I still go to the office. Despite not having a weekend. Despite being overworked. I haven’t realized these things until he asked me.

I guess it would be great if i had more time. But I guess that would be leaning more into wishful thinking. I wished I had time to walk Zagu, to rebuild my relationship with Myles, to have a social life, to enjoy the mountain bike. Maybe my body is asking me to give it a break. That could explain why I’m late all the time in the office.

A raise will be more than welcome. That would really help me pay the bills with this other company I’m working for – Citibank. Yes, I work for the credit card company.

But I still wake up up in morning and go back to the office. And I stay there late.

I guess now I know what to answer the next time the boss asks me how am I.

“How am I? I’m Spider-Man”.

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