A Level Two Employee with a Level One Job

I am a slave of the capitalist world. It’s a Sunday today and I am still in the office. Same as yesterday. Same as last week. Same as weeks past. And unless I can get someone to substitute, I think I’m facing a similar fate next week.

In here, we have a community of guys and girls who are stay in the office on weekends. Same faces. Same stuff to do. Images of Efren’s San Miguel commercial flashes into my mind – “Tayo-tayo din naman ang magkikita sa finals.”

I want my tabo!

In our posh new office, we have a state-of-the-art rest room, complete with urinals that flushes automatically and hand dryers with sensors. But in this country, you can’t really take out the Filipino culture.

The supposed liquid soap, for instance, smells strangely familiar to the shampoos beauty parlors from the kanto uses. And sometimes it doesn’t smell like shampoo at all but hair conditioner! So now the hairs on our hands are really healthy and shiny. Cool huh?

Why do we force ourselves to use toilet paper? We are Pinoys and toilet paper is so western. Is it because we are so westernized that we have to have it instead? So if we’re in Demolition Man‘s World, we’d probably be using the three shells.

I’ve never learned using that until I was in high school. When I was a kid, we use water and soap! And even now I still look for the makeshift water containers/dippers that the guards and other blue collar workers use. The question is why not issue one tabo and soap per cubicle? That would be more useful. Plus the employees will have cleaner and less itchy asses. Hahahahahaha!

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