Heavenly Dessert for only P10!

If you haven’t tried the butterscotch sundae McDip from McDonald’s, then you’re missing a good part of your life. That sundae cone dipped in butterscotch is really an adventure to the tastebuds! And all for only P10. Not bad, eh!

In a serious discussion in our office pantry, we can conclude that the butterscotch in McDonald’s Sundae McDip is made from two things and two things only — butter and scotch. This explains the exquisite flavor.

Holy Week quotable quote

Hey! Wouldn’t you know it, it’s March already and the Holy Week is just around the corner! Yeba!

Overheard from a conversation: “Good thing Christ died or we’ll never have a vacation!” The Philippines is such a Catholic country, wouldn’t you say so? Hehehehe!

I don’t know if I said this already. I could be wrong, but don’t you think the ultimate goal of the Singles for Christ people is to meet their partner and be Doubles… este… Couples for Christ?

PurpleCat now black and blue

Heard what happened to the Cat? She fell down a flight of stairs! Too bad. Now the Cat can’t go to the gym anymore. Bummer.

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