This is my first time I spent a night in the office and I had real bonding with Mark’s beanbags. They’re so comfortable to the point that a good part of it is smothered with saliva when I woke up this morning from my nap. Maybe the office furniture guys should consider making a beanbag office chair. And while they’re at it, they can put in a neat set of Altec Lansings for that total office experience.

It’s Friday today. My teammates will be coming in soon because they’re leaving early this afternoon for Davao. I wished I was on that trip, too. Actually, I can join them if I really wanted to, but then no one will be left here to do the command base logistics. I hope everything goes well on their journey. I hope they bring back something Davao-ish. (I’m not talking about durian here.)

Booboo of the week goes to Moby for his on-air interview with celebrity Leandro Muñoz: “OK TXTers! We’re back here with Leandro Valdemor!” Oops. The guys at Benpres said that on the first gap, he called the celebrity “Alejandro”.

Tomorrow’s the eyeball party and I’m getting scared. It seems like a lot of people will be coming for that afternoon of all nonsense. From Dan’s last count, we have more than a hundred people coming. I’m betting more will be getting the invites today! I hope God will do another miracle on the mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings, similar to the loaves and the fishes!

So there. After my teammates leave, I’ll go home and get some sleep.

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