Let me give you a backgrounder. There’s this cute girl from UA&P who applied for a traineeship program in the office. Naturally I accepted her. Aside from the fact that she’s taking a Master of Science in Information Technology and that she’s really nice, I’m getting more and more desperate in getting myself a girlfriend. So maybe I can do a Moby one more time. hehehe.

Now I think there seems to be some trouble. And so she wrote me an e-mail…


The people assigned in the Corporate Internship of our batch received the job description from your company. Thank you very much. As I bumped into one of them, she said that the work you require is just basic computer typing and that there is not much I.T. involved. I asked her the case of the interns you had, upper batch, (e.g. Kateh, Rina, etc.), she said theirs involved Web Development. I got very worried and until now, I am still worried because I am really eager in working with you guys. I’ve talked with sila Kateh and they said masaya daw working with you and I got very excited. They said they might join in again this coming summer. But then the bad news is here and Kateh suggested that I tell you my concers. I am just wondering if you can make me do OJT work under Web Development like what Kateh and her friends had before? I am really looking forward in working with the you people. Help!

Thanks in advance!


And I’m shocked at how I replied to her e-mail…


thank you very much for your e-mail.

as i’ve told you in the interview, the work would require less technical knowledge and more on the interpersonal skills. Contrary to what your instructors have said, there’s more to what you’ll do than typing. we are more into building virtual communities.

kateh and her other schoolmates were assigned to these tasks. our focus then before was the web communities. and they were made to facilitate our discussion forums and other community services.

now, our focus is still on building filipino communities. and to achieve that, we have to look beyond the realms of the internet. there are roughly 2 million filipinos who has access to the web versus 6 million people who use cellphones. it is logical for us to connect with these people.

as you can see, it’s a different thing for each country. and that’s why we have to tailor-fit what we offer to what this country wants. in short, you can’t just do web.

i hope this clarifies a lot of things for you.

on a personal note on the ojt, i think this would help you realize the human behind the machine. let your professors teach you how to program and all those stuff. in the end, it’s the interpersonal skills that you need more to survive.

thanks again.

hope to see you soon.

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