I finally had the balls to do it. I went to my boss and raised the issue on cutting down the channel’s lifespan by offering the service to other channels. Mukhang dehins naman pwede yun. We’ll be the next to the pearl shake fad if that happens.

That’s not the whole of it. We were called as consultants for that project. We had no clue that we’re going to develop it. It’s OK as long as the hits go to our team, but we found out that after we’ve offered our blood and sweat to this project, the credit goes to the other team. What a bummer!

Now I know what you’re talking — we should work hand in hand, that it doesn’t matter how we get there as long as we get there. Well that’s not the case for me. Each of the teams are assigned with resources – manpower and all! Use your resources first before you ask for more. At this point, there’s no such thing as a free ride.

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