You don’t have to force anyone in our office to go on forced leave. hehehehe.

I spent my whole holiday vacation manning the TXT 2366 channel and discovering the joys of Neopets.

Here’s a tip: don’t stay too late in the office at 9501. First, the aircon will kill you. Second, there are spirits.

One afternoon, Punky saw a man in a brown jacket sitting in Paolo’s place and he was looking outside the window. She thought it was him. Later she found out that Paolo didn’t even go to the office that day.

On one of his overtime assignments, Rusnell heard someone singing a kundiman in the office. But there was no one there but him.

And Indah’s talking with the Bantay Bata donation box and the Christmas tree!

Hmmmm. Maybe we should invite those spirit questors for another chat?

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