16th of December 2001


Blogger was down then so I saved this for today.

On the second day of my shopping extravaganza series, I took the team on a wild mall-hopping spree. We took the MRT to the great shopping mecca of Makati in the hunt for those Merrel shoes. Where would you if you’re looking for shoes? Logic would tell you that there’s no place like Shoemart!

Shopping in Shoemart Makati took me back to memory lane. Back then when I was a child, we’ll travel to Makati from Batangas City and do our Christmas shopping here. After almost 25 years, the department store still looks the same. Makes it seem more eerie when I heard a family of Batangueños talking with their unmistakable accent.

We elbowed our way up the escalator to the second flood where the shoes are. I managed to pin down my choice to two pairs, and it was so hard to decide so I got them both.

After paying for them, we went straight to Glorietta only to find out it was overflowing with people. We walked around a bit. When we realized that it’s hopeless to shop with a mob, we had a make a decision. We went back to the MRT station and went to shopping’s final frontier – The Shang.

Let’s stop here for a minute. Now I know you might be saying that it’s not the final frontier with Rockwell and Alabang, but put in thought that we’re only using the train. So to appease your souls, let’s just call it the not-so-final frontier.

The Shang was refreshing compared to Makati. There were less jologs here. You can shop with minimal hassle. Yeah, there were a lot of people there, but the number is significantly lower than Makati. It was so convenient that I got myself three pairs of jeans right away!

When it’s over, we took the train back Quezon Avenue. We had to take turns moderating.

And morning came, and evening came, and so ends the second day.

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