I guess it would really be stupid to hope for a bonus of some sort. I mean like, hey, it would really be so fucked up if they fired a lot of employees so that they could give us our bonuses, right?

Here’s a thought. If they managed to take out like 20 people from the company because the system is not working right, what would stop them from firing 20 more people if the system is still fucked up? Oh, and by the way, the term is not fired but retreched. There’s a difference. The euphemism makes it sound nice. Makes us all seem humane.

Here’s another thought. I am willing to give up my rice subsidy, and maybe we can get more than a handful of people to give-up their rice subsidies as well. Would we be able to save a soul from getting retreched with this little sacrifice? I better stop it. This is turning out to be another Schindler’s List.

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