So that’s how it feels like to be wasted. Cool!

I reached my objective. I am victorious. I have intoxicated the boss. But not without any casualties. In reaching the objective, I have to be drunk, too. And so I was. We mixed drinks that we didn’t know which is which. We had tequila, vodka, gin, Fundador, San Mig Light and iced tea spiked with Tanduay.

I had to sleep in Victoria. I was conscious enough to know that I cannot drive.

Oh, and I puked thrice.

My congratulations to a few people.

1. For Mark and Petite who are getting married soon

2. For Mira – ditto. Tama ba ang narinig ko kay CLK?

3. For the man, Jundador, for being the first person to puke in 9501’s carpet.

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