Finally we can reveal ourselves to the Jedi.

The project is up, and there’s no turning back now. It’s do or die. I’m talking, of course, of our channel in SkyCable. We need that bonus! It’s crunch time. And you know what Ateneans chant when it’s crunch time — GET THAT BONUS! hehehehe.

My thanks to the team for their generosity. That goes for Joko the Mongo, Gerry, TXTJock Shirley and TXTJock Maya. There goes our 3-day vacation. Hope you guys can file for overtime ‘coz I sure can’t.

No thanks to the albino. Do us a favor and quit bringing the news culture to our office. And the next time you get assigned to a project, make sure you’ve got the balls to stick with your team come hell or high water. No wonder you’re such a loser … er … loner … Asshole.

On another note, we’re now in 9501 (although part of the team, including myself, is still in Victoria I). I wish the old guys were there to see where we are now. It’s been a long journey. From a cramped space in the IT Department to the homey (but still cramped) Bohol Mansions to the condemned Victoria I, and finally the last stop — the ELJ Communications Center.

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