Just got word from an officemate today while we were on our way to Hotstix. He said that our boss told them already that it’s possible that their sites might be sacked at the end of the year. This made me sad. From what I know, when they started this site, their goal was developing communities for Filipinos, and yet the sites which will be sacked are those from community group.

Where are we headed to?

If you can observe the traffic of the site, the top sites belong to Entertainment. I write this with no offense intended to the Entertainment group. I’m sure they’re doing a hell of a job. But if our cry is on bridging Filipinos, then why is it that we’re not doing anything when we’re actually turning into another showbiz site? Sad to say it but we’re just an extension of the main entertainment site. There should be balance, or at least the traffic deviation from one site to the next isn’t that humongous.

Is there really a meaning behind the In the Service of Filipinos Worldwide thingie? I know that we have to earn, but up to what extent are we willing to sacrifice it?

Just a thought.

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