Thursday may be my favorite day, but t is certainly not my luckiest.

On the way to the office, along V. Luna Street in Quezon City, my car was slammed from the rear by a passenger jeepney who lost its brakes. The impact was strong enough to bump the taxi in front of my car.

The taxi came out with just paint scratches from its rear bumper. My car, on the other hand, has a misaligned front bumber and a wrecked rear. It was so damaged that you cannot open the rear compartment.

After all the police report mumbo-jumbo and a trip to the repair shop, the whole thing will cost me a whopping twenty thousand pesos!!! The driver of the jeepney said that he will pay for the damages, but I doubt that. All I can hope for is some money from him to pay for the body repair. Besides, he seems OK enough.

There goes my Christmas shopping.

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