I didn’t go to work yesterday after my 3:30 a.m. stint with the community project and the required specification sheet. I woke up late and spent the day in bed playing with my dog.

The last time I played serious basketball was first year college in PE class. I wasn’t particularly good in ball handling and so I was placed with the geeks in the not-so-good reserve team. But mind you, of all the players in the reserve team, I was the best. So I guess that doesn’t make me a geek.

I played the game yesterday with my officemates. Because I flunked dribbling class, I assigned myself to be the Dennis Rodman of the team. I’ll do the rebounds and pass the ball. Simple, right? Wrong. Not when you’re playing with an ex-UAAP varsity player.

And so I ended my basketball career after that. Who knows, I might do a Jordan and come back from retirement. Hmmm. I’m planning to do that next week.

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