What happened to us? Everything was wonderful then. Now it has been four years, and it is still haunting me. If everything is over, then why is she still here? Is it possible that she could be asking herself a similar question.

This was what I was thinking the whole time I was in the water. It was 6:30 in the morning when I woke up, and, as expected, they were still asleep from last nigt’s bout of alcohol. It was my last day in the so-called best beach in the world. I got up, picked up my towel and my goggles and headed to the water. The tourists were still asleep as iI swam in the strange mix of warm and cold water.

Yes, it has been four years. Doesn’t seem to be that long. “I want to have time for myself,” that was her reason then. I grinned. That was a lousy one. How the hell can you argue with someone who wants to have a time for herself. OK, the tango’s over. Time to get back and find yourself.

The natives were getting ready for the day. Boatloads of people and cargo from the mainland were coming in. But there were no people in skimpy outfits. No flashing neon bikinis. Just me and the water.

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