Today is a Xenical day. Yes, I am referring to the drug for obese people. And yes, I admit I am obese. There. Happy now? So far I didn’t experience the oily stuff that comes out when you fart. Burping is the side effect for me. But that’s it. I don’t have to wear a diaper of some sort. Hope I’m right. Anyway, I’ll try to bring an extra pair of briefs in the office tomorrow just in case. You never know when these excretions might come out.

While we’re talking about changing lifestyle, I started training also for the PinoyCentral and San Mig Light’s Urban Adventure Race, which is due in two weeks. I have no problem with mountain biking, so it is taking a back seat in my training schedule. What I am focusing right now is on my running, speed walking and basically building up my fitness base. I just texted Dan be in the office by eight so we can leave at 5 to train. Hope he gets the message.

I’ll be in Boracay next week. From Saturday to Monday, I will be in the supposed “promised land” (ala Dr. Evil when he says “laser”). Let’s see if I can survive with just P500 in my pocket. Maybe I don’t have the guts to smuggle sand like Mark, but we’ll see what we can do.

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