How to demoralize your employees 101

Welcome to my blogger! Today is another lesson on how we can completely demoralize your subordinates without really trying. LAX is the word of the week. And it is extremely effective when you accuse your subordinates of slacking off.

How to use it:
1. Meet with your overworked subordinates on a Monday Afternoon and find fault in what they do. Take note that this Monday is officially declared as half-day because of the worsening situation in EDSA. Choose a subordinate, preferably the one who is assigned with a ton of work and could barely keep up with it. Find an overdue report and nag.
2. Think and focus on what is included in the Company Message Board. Is this person an active participant in the boards? What points did he point out?
3. Declare to your subordinates without thinking: “You might be asking a lot from the company, but it doesn’t give a right to be lax in your work.” Look at the person straight to the eye, but say that this is for everyone in the team and not only for specific members.
4. Go to your church and pray to your god.

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