Erap and son, Jinggoy, got arrested today and were brought to Camp Crame. Their supporters are holding a vigil outside the camp and in the EDSA Shrine. With Billions of Pesos to spare, can they have another uprising again? Hmmm.

I’m feeling a little bit tipsy as I finished 6 cans of San Mig Light. We had cocktails kasi right after the G.A. to celebrate milestones. Now I got myself a steaming mug of coffee to keep me from throwing up. Will this help? I guess I’ll find out soon.

The people’s morale is surely up after the G.A. And what we’re waiting for is their actions on what was discussed. If nothing pushes through, expect another rash of resignations to follow. And from what I know, it’s going to be bigger and would put a lot of toll in the company.

Wait. Gotta sip some coffee.


Romy’s ready and I don’t know if I can handle the team as he did. It has come. I have turned out to be his replacement. And, as what I said before, anyone would pale in comparison to this person. I sure hope the team cooperates and understands this dilemma. I sure hope there’s an additional compensation for the additional work and responsibility that Yoj and I are getting.

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