It’s the 7th of April 2001. It’s a Saturday. And I’m in the office. Moby couldn’t make it for the chat tonight, so he asked me if I could sub for him. And so I did. The chat was scheduled at 7:00 p.m. and it’s now 10:04 p.m. Still no sign of the guest. Are they stil coming? They might. I’ll try and stay here for an hour more and wait for them. If they still don’t show up, then I’ll call it a night.

I guess it would be great for my blogger. Me sitting on my workstation with nothing left to do but wait. I believe that’s a perfect setting for a good blog entry. And so the mood is ready. And so here goes. I hope I won’t fuck this up.

Now I’m conscious. What if I fuck this up? Shit.

For myself.

A lot of things have happened this month. And I’m sure it won’t stop there. Twenty one is the current count. Their count. You see it’s actually twenty seven, at least. Well, that’s if you include the coming months. That’s a lot of people, by any HR’s standards. If it’s one or two, I guess that is fine. But if it’s twenty one, there must be something really wrong. What really interests me is some of them actually have no plans on what they’re going to do. They just want to get things over before they start planning — extremely drastic steps considering the conditions we have right now. They are willing to risk it and compete with the fresh grads and the rising rate of unemployment in this country.


It all boils down to the value of the individual. Seeing the person as a person — a unique being — with his own dreams and goals and needs and wants.

If twenty one people walks out the door, doesn’t that reflect how we value them? These are the same people who we have lunches with, who sticks with us doing our overnighters, who logs in on the internet in the own homes to check for possible bugs, who also work their butts off updating their sites and doing their share to reach that goal. If it was all money, these people would’ve gone somewhere else. But they saw something. And I guess each one of us saw something too.

I guess I am not making sense. I just want to blog it all out.

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